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Malty notes 


Presence of gluten 

Brasserie Artisanale 


French Craft

Loroyse d'Hiver 

8 %vol 

Triple on lie, all in power

Description : triple unfiltered pure malt blond beer, 8% alc.

Style : triple top fermentation blonde - triple ale

Appearance : cloudy golden blonde, white foam, fine bubbles

Nose : malty, fruity, bouquet of higher alcohols, stewed fruits, yeast

Taste : beautiful aromatic power, fruity, balanced bitterness

Culinary pairings :

   - foie gras, cheese-based dish, sweetbreads
  - munster, maroilles, epoisse, county
  - mirabelle tart, apple tart, dried fruits

Triple on lie, all in power